Meru Newsline

By David Muchui-Meru

Did you know that your money in the bank can be withdrawn from the ATM by thugs while your ATM card is safely in your Wallet!?

Hi-tech thugs are in town and so far there have been several cases of people complaining that their money was withdrawn from ATMs while their cards are safe in the wallet.

One of the victims here in Meru says that Sh20, 000 was withdrawn from his account on Saturday (15th December) in a Nairobi ATM yet on the same day he was in Meru (with his ATM card).

Another victim in Meru also complained to have lost sh18, 000 through the same hacking spree.

According to reports, thugs have come up with a way of tapping your ATM card PIN before producing a replica card which they use to empty cash from your bank account.

According to a Ugandan Newspaper…

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